School communication from 8th February 2020 onwards

Following a three week phase in period, we have now transitioned to the use of Skoolbag for all whole school or whole year level communication instead of the school blog. Class communication will still occur via class blogs in 2020

All parent email addresses have been subscribed to Skoolbag and we would encourage you to join appropriate groups to ensure you are receiving communication in relation to your child’s year level or special interests. In the future, there may be groups added for various school interests including music, performance groups, sporting groups etc. Keep an eye on the app to see if new groups are added from time to time.

Instructions how to download the app can be found here:

If you have any questions about how to access Skoolbag please contact:

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Review of Chaplaincy Service – Sarah’s role

We will shortly be conducting a review of Sarah’s Pastoral Care Worker role. Gaining feedback from parents/caregivers is part of this review. If you would like to provide feedback, please complete this form and drop it into the front office.

Jane Waltham

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Canteen News from Richard – Acquaintance Night – Dinner orders available from the canteen!!

Chicken slider                                 $5.00

Thai vegetable salad                       $5.00

Sausages with sauce                      $2.00

Sausages with onion                      $2.50

Pre-orders on QKR by Friday 7/2/20 with some available on the night as well. Drinks and cakes will be on sale too!

Look out for Pancake Day 25/2/20 purchases will be able to be made on QKR soon.

The canteen has also gone to paper straws  which was an initiative from Student Voice – a great idea which we have adopted! We are also looking into biodegradable packaging to help support the wishes of student voice in their quest to help the environment.

We are still looking for volunteers to help in the canteen it can be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, Mornings suit the canteen better but anytime will help. 2.5 hr shifts is all it is. Register your interest on QKR.


Scholastic Book Club for Term 1

Welcome to Scholastic Book Club for Term 1

Your children will be bringing home a hard copy of the latest catalogue shortly.

Paper orders are due back to school by Thursday the 13th February and must be returned to the Library. Please ensure you complete your child’s details correctly. This includes the child’s name, class teacher and year level.

Online orders are open for processing. If you wish to pay by credit card this is only available via the Scholastic website.

Once you have set up an account with Scholastic you will receive email notifications for new catalogue issues and specials.

When you log-in to Scholastic online for the first time you will be prompted to select your child’s class teacher. All 2020 teachers details have been updated. You should not need to add any.

Ordering online also means that you will know immediately if stock is available and you do not need to return paperwork to the school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance at or via Deb Fuller in the library or on


Applying for a School Card

The School Card scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (materials and services charges) for students attending government schools in that year.

If your school fees are less than the School Card subsidy, the scheme can also help with other educational expenses such as uniform, camp and excursion costs.

More information about income limits and eligibility here:

Coronavirus advice

Further information has been provided by SA Health’s Communicable Disease branch.

There is currently an outbreak of novel coronavirus occurring in Hubei Province, with cases also being reported in other parts of mainland China, and several other countries.

Four cases of novel coronavirus have been confirmed interstate (3 in New South Wales and 1 in Victoria) in persons who have recently returned from mainland China.

Novel coronavirus causes a respiratory illness. Symptoms may include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, and sore throat.

SA Health is working closely with Commonwealth and interstate health authorities to coordinate the Australian response to this incident.

There is no need to limit public gatherings and these can still safely take place as usual.

With many students returning to school in the next few days and university in the next few weeks the following guidance is provided.

School students and staff, even those with travel to Hubei Province, are able to return to school unless they are close contacts of a confirmed case of novel coronavirus, or they have symptoms consistent with novel coronavirus.

Students who are close contacts of a known case should contact the Communicable Disease Control Branch on 1300 232 272 in order to provide them with information and to permit monitoring of these people.

All students and staff who have travelled to mainland China especially Hubei Province should monitor themselves for the 14 days from their departure from mainland China for symptoms of novel coronavirus. Students and staff who develop symptoms should be isolated and reviewed by a doctor and the doctor informed of their travel history.

The Commonwealth Department of Health website has extensive material on this incident. Fact sheets developed for schools and universities are expected to be put on the website shortly. See

You will be kept updated if there is further information you need to know.

Jane Waltham

2020 Student Free Day and Closure Day Dates

The following dates have been determined and approved by Governing Council for 2020:

10th March – Student Free Day
9th June – Student Free Day
4th September – Student Free Day
7th September – Closure Day
12th October – Student Free Day

Staff will participate in professional development opportunities involving learning design and moderation on the Student Free Days.